Mentoring, Workshops and Advisory Board Services

Maintain the momentum with accountability, professional development and collaboration.

Marketing education and uplift can take place via a range of entry-points in your organisation from mentoring existing team members, to workshops designed for larger team engagement, or from the top, via marketing input at an Advisory Board level.

Explore our range of additional marketing services below:


Sometimes, there just isn’t a staffing budget big enough to place a senior marketing manager in an organisation when there are so many small tasks that need to be executed each day.

With budget constraints, and a bigger need for a team member who can complete many smaller daily tasks, many of our clients choose to use The Marketing Box for initial Marketing Strategy and Planning, and then hire in a coordinator in a junior role to execute the day-to-day marketing tasks.  We are then used as a team check-in resource to deliver mentoring services.

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Our marketing mentoring services include:

  • Setting up a calendar of marketing activities to follow
  • Building rapport with the team member(s) and establishing professional growth and development targets
  • Scheduling ‘Work in Progress’ meetings – weekly or fortnightly sessions to support marketing activity execution, problem solve, and create accountability
  • Tracking and measuring their performance
  • Coaching and mentoring the staff member in self-identified development areas
  • Optional: Defining the role + help with the hiring process


Mainly suited to associations or groups, our workshops are built to elevate knowledge around key areas of marketing and communications in a workshop setting. All of The Marketing Box’s workshops incorporate ‘action items’ that aim to prompt immediate activity, and help participants applying key marketing tactics.

Our Marketing Workshops have been utilised by companies wanting to educate their wider teams, local councils, business associations, colleges, national Not for Profit (NFP) groups, and corporate governance bodies, wanting to give their members a practical training session where they can start to implement marketing principles as soon as they head back to the office.

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A snapshot of our most popular workshop sessions:

  • Marketing Basics Workshop – a session that runs through the 7Ps of marketing, and how to start to implement them as soon as you head back to your desk
  • Marketing Strategy and Plan Development – an introduction to creating marketing strategies and plans
  • Identifying Path to Marketing Opportunities – how to identify and pursue business development channels using marketing tools
  • Branding – A starting point for reviewing and building your brand
  • Measuring Marketing Effectiveness – building strong Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and measurement metrics to gauge success and identify pivot points
  • Marketing, Communications & Stakeholders – considerations at a governance level
  • The role of Marketing in the Board Room


Our lead consultant provides contemporary insights and advisory services from a marketing perspective, for companies with formal and informal advisory boards.

The value of having a marketing voice in discussions at this level, ensures:

  • the customer voice
  • stakeholder engagement
  • business development, and
  • communications

are always a part of decision making and thinking at a management level.

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