About Us

Our philosophy is to deliver practical and simple marketing advice to drive every client toward their success

Our Values:

Act Justly – with integrity, always do the right thing for the client

Demonstrate Kindness – respect those we’re working with and extend flexibility and understanding in the pursuit of success

Stay Humble – it’s not about us, it’s about making our clients the hero

A bit of history

The Marketing Box officially opened in early 2013, but the idea for a lower price point marketing consulting service was ignited somewhere in 2005.

Working in a mid-tier accounting and business advisory firm, founder, Julie Lawrie worked with a range of medium sized businesses who applied her consulting recommendations and saw great results.
Julie also notice that the companies who could engage consulting services had considerable funds to engage external advice, but the group of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) who struggled to factor in fees for external help, were floundering.

Through my corporate marketing and consulting career, I saw first-hand, the benefits of marketing working in close alignment with all other business functions – finance, HR, operations, risk, legal, and sales. I saw how the ‘levers’ worked – when you pull a lever in one area, the other areas of the business can be impacted.

Seeing a gap in services for lower priced marketing consulting, Julie created a business model that would deliver senior level marketing consulting services at a fraction of traditional prices. Her experience also showed her the benefits of a holistic approach to marketing, where all business areas worked in alignment.
The results of all of this pondering and planning? The Marketing Box. Established in 2013, and growing each year, as it serves small and medium sized business in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne.

What’s with the name?

We’re all for ‘thinking outside of the box’, but the business name was actually a result of Julie’s love of wandering through party stores when she lived in the USA.

In between the aisle with confetti cannons and 37 colours of table-cloths, Julie discovered the ‘party in a box’ concept – a box that contained everything you needed for a party at a simple price point. The box meant that you didn’t have to search endlessly for every item you thought you might need, and it helped you to efficiently get started with the actual reason you were looking for party supplies…to celebrate something.

Just like the ‘party in a box’ concept, we like to package all of our services simply when we quote, so that our clients know what to expect. We then set them up with everything needed to get on with the real reason they’re looking for help…to grow a successful business.

…and in case you were wondering, The Marketing Box team, are hoping to purchase a confetti cannon at some point in the future.