Marketing Strategy & Action Plans

Chasing revenue growth, market expansion, new customers, brand exposure, or a customer journey strategy that supports retention and ongoing revenue stream development? This is your starting point.

As a core functional areas of your company, marketing carries accountability for results + responsibility for developing strategic plans and operating plans, in a similar way to your Finance team, Operations team, Legal & Risk team, HR/People team, and your overarching management team.

At The Marketing Box, we align with your existing (or aspirational) department areas to build out a marketing strategy and associated tactical plan that aligns with your entire organisation, and bolts into your existing goals. If you’re yet to define these, our lead consultant can facilitate broader company thinking to keep your marketing planning moving.


We’re mindful that long-winded marketing plans rarely get referenced after they are finalised, so we take an approach that delivers you:

  • a strategy on a page,
  • a quick-view tactical marketing action plan, and
  • a supporting marketing action overview – because an overview of each recommended action is useful for equipping team members to understand the detail, and get cracking on initiating and completing marketing tasks. Most of our clients also find the document helpful at induction time, when new team members join and need to get up to speed quickly.
  • optional ongoing implementation and execution support, including equipping in-house teams and sourcing external specialists.

Approximate timeframe: 4-8 weeks. Depending on your availability to schedule an initial discovery session.

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