We believe in setting people up to succeed…

Mainly suited to associations or groups, our workshops are built to be a kick-start for business owners and operators, to get on track and start applying key marketing tactics.

Our Marketing Workshops have been utilised by local councils, business associations, and colleges, wanting to give their members a practical training session where they can start to implement marketing principles as soon as they head back to their business.

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A snapshot of our most popular workshop sessions:
  • Marketing Basics Workshop – a 3-hour session that runs through the 7Ps of
    marketing, and how to start to implement them as soon as you head back to your
  • Marketing Strategy and Plan Development – an introduction to creating marketing
    strategies and plans
  • Identifying Path to Marketing Opportunities – how to identify and pursue business
    development channels using marketing tools
  • Branding – A starting point for reviewing and building your brand
  • Measuring Marketing Effectiveness – building strong Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and
    measurement metrics to gauge success and identify pivot points

Call us or book in a time to chat about our different workshop options, and to find the best fit for your member base.